Album Reviews

Vinterblot – Realms Of The Untold

26th March 2016 Liam Savage

The whole Viking metal scene has really swelled into a large pool of talent in the last decade.  Front-runners like Amon Amarth have stayed tried-and-true in their quest for a vision that is more about [Read »]

Album Reviews

Gracepoint – Echoes

21st March 2016 Liam Savage

Starting off at an interesting pace, “Echoes” by Gracepoint is full of the twists and turns that you’d expect out of a modern-day progressive metal band.  Tight and precise, the group journeys through 10 tracks [Read »]

Album Reviews

Angertea – Snakes In Blossom

18th March 2016 Liam Savage

One might mistake this band’s name for a hateful boiling beverage at first glance, but once you delve into Angertea’s current album, the listener soon realizes they have a very expansive, mood-based sound that’s rooted [Read »]