Album Reviews

Kino – Radio Voltaire

24th March 2018 Kenn Jensen

When the news broke early this year that a new Kino album was in the making many progressive rock fans, like me, dug out their copy of the long forgotten Kino debut album ‘Picture’ from [Read »]

Album Reviews

Animal Drive – Bite!

17th March 2018 Kenn Jensen

It is pretty obvious why the late Paul O’Neill handpicked vocalist Dino Jelusic to tour with Trans-Siberian Orchestra and together with his fellow compatriots from Croatia comes now the debut album from his own band [Read »]

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Lione / Conti – Lione / Conti

10th March 2018 Kenn Jensen

Frontiers Music is famous or infamous, depending on how you look at it, for putting people together in so-called supergroups and projects, and in some cases it works really well and in some not so [Read »]


Eldritch releases lyric video

28th February 2018

Progressive metal powerhouse Eldritch have released a lyric video of their new single ‘As The Night Crawls In’, taken from their upcoming new album ‘Cracksleep’, which will be released on March 23, 2018 on Scarlet Records. Watch the video here: This [Read »]

Album Reviews

Ammunition – Ammunition

26th February 2018 Kenn Jensen

When Wig Wam broke up back in 2014, front siren Åge Sten Nilsen quickly moved on and created his own band called Åge Sten Nilsen’s Ammunition and an album was released in November 2014, entitled [Read »]

Album Reviews

Labyrinth – Return to Live

18th February 2018 Kenn Jensen

Labyrinth has over the years made quite a few cool and innovative albums, but one stands out: ‘Return To Heaven Denied’ from 1998. And what better way to celebrate a reunion than to play in [Read »]