Live Reviews

Mearfest 2016

29th August 2016 Chris Galea

Event: Mearfest (4th edition) Date: Saturday 13th August, 2016 Location: ‘The Borderline’, London, England. (EU) Bands: Desolation Angels, The Deep, Sacrilege, Troyen, Kaine, Not Fit For Humans . Fund-raising Metal festivals is a concept I’m [Read »]


TITANFEST reinforced

12th August 2016

TITANFEST 2016 – which will take place on Saturday November 19th – has made some additions to the event line up. The new additions to the bill are: NWOBHM heroes Oliver/Dawson Saxon, folk metal eccentrics Skyclad, [Read »]



6th August 2016

Next Saturday 13th sees the 4th edition of Mearfest hit the stage of London’s ‘Borderline’. The festival was conceived by Brian and Claire Mear and will be raising funds for The Willows Support Group, a charity organisation which provides assistance [Read »]

Live Reviews

Garage Dayz Re-Visited Festival 2016

10th July 2016 Chris Galea

Event: Garage Dayz Re-Visited (2nd edition) Locations: ‘The Garage’ (main event) & ‘The Unicorn’ (warm-up gig) – London, England (E.U.) Dates: 24th & 25th June, 2016 Bands: Quartz, Blitzkrieg, Chariot, Warrior, Tytan, Soldier, Sacrilege, Desolation [Read »]


New video from ASOMVEL

9th July 2016

ASOMVEL: ‘The Nightmare Ain’t Over’ (official video) – produced, directed, and edited  by Deb Robinson – . ASOMVEL: Ralph – bass/vocals Lenny Robinson – guitar Josh Stephen – drums      


Interview with KYRBGRINDER (all the band)

27th June 2016 Chris Galea

GLOOM, LAUGHTER, MEDICATION, MUSIC…… …..are 4 seemingly random elements that come together in this multi-faceted interview with Kyrbgrinder. The band was formed by drummer/lead vocalist Johanne James (who also plays with Prog titans Threshold) shortly [Read »]


New MORE album nearing completion!

22nd June 2016

NWOBHM pioneers MORE have told The Power Of Metal Webzine that a new album is currently being recorded. This will be the band’s 1st album in over 30 years. MORE was formed by guitarist Kenny Cox in 1979. [Read »]


ABORYM are Shifting.negative

13th June 2016

Industrial/electro metallers ABORYM have revealed the first details surrounding their new album “Shifting.negative”. The opus, which is currently being recorded in three different studios, is helmed by band founder & mastermind Fabban with additional production [Read »]


Garage Dayz Re-Visited – update

4th June 2016

Garage Dayz Revisited is in its second edition and ticket sales to fans from all over Europe indicate this will be an event to remember. Original bands from the NWOBHM, some of which very rarely play live, hit [Read »]