Devour and Birth

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19th January 2018
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Xenosis is a band from New Haven Connecticut with a blend of old-school inspired progressive death metal and much more. Since their formation in 2010, the band has always had a very specific goal in mind: to create death metal in such a way that blurs the lines – a sound that perpetuates their past and present influences all at once. The band cites a number of bands in various genres to serve as a caveat for listeners to make sense of their eclectic style of progressive death metal. The band’s diverse influences include Meshuggah, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Emperor, Testament, Gojira, Metallica, Voivod, Atheist, Opeth, Dillinger Escape Plan, Obituary, and Death. Earlier this year, they independently released their third full-length album and latest effort called “Devour and Birth“.

I’ve given “Devour and Birth” several spins now to merit some kind of an opinion.  I’d say that the entirety of the album flows pretty well in a way that it always seems to end so quickly. And you can hear the groove of their influences right from the get-go; Their drums are blasting away with interesting and ever-changing patterns, the vocals possess the guttural tonality and brutal screams of Suffocation and their writing, very methodical with progressive chops akin to Opeth.

Devour and Birth” is rich and there might be a lot to digest on this album, depending on who is listening. It’s continually shifting and deviating so it’s a mixed bag of all sorts: heavy djenty guitars, odd time signatures, dissonant and melodic passages and it sounds ominous with some sci-fi -esque sounds smeared into it.

Devour and Birth” is beautifully put together in a very listenable way but may need a bit of an open-minded approach. The album does not sit neatly in a certain mold of death metal and may require several listens to be fully appreciated. It is a modern take on progressive death metal with an overreaching technicality that is palatable to those who are looking for a more challenging and less straightforward type of metal.



01. Night Hag (06:45)
02. Army of Darkness (05:14)
03. Delirium (Death of a God) (05:51)
04. Concave (05:15)
05. Oxidation (00:54)
06. Ominous Opus (05:59)
07. Devour and Birth (04:28)
08. The Projector (06:01)

Playing Time: 40:27

Ken Bullard - Guitars
Sal Bova - Vocals
Mark Lyon - Guitars
David Legenhausen - Bass
Gary Marotta - Drums

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  1. Thanks for the review! Slight correction: Jeff Haddad provided vocals on Sowing the Seeds of Destruction, but Sal Bova is the current vocalist and recorded all vocals on Devour and Birth.
    Thanks again – Dave from Xenosis

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