Louder Harder Faster

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12th May 2017
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Frontiers Records
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Warrant will forever be measured up against their two first and best selling albums: Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich and Cherry Pie. An unfair challenge and impossible to replicate again because the music landscape and the way we approach music today can’t be compared to how things used to be.

The same can be said about Robert Mason. He will forever be trying to get out the shadow of former and sadly diseased vocalist Jani Lane. I can tell you he is more than holding his own on Louder Harder Faster, and so is the rest of the band. The line-up features the four original members along with Robert Mason, and the result is a very respectable hard rock album, with strong roots in the late 80s and early 90s.

Just take a look at the cool album cover and you’ll immediately notice the reference back to the days when we bought our music on vinyl, and had to flip the record once it had finished, something most buyers these days have no idea about!

If I had to highlight a few songs then I would pick the cool opening title track, as well as ‘Devil Dancer’ with its strange Queensrÿche vibe, and ‘New Rebellion,’ but all of the songs are equally strong.

The brilliant production by Jeff Pilson oozes of style, and is clearly dedicated to the heydays of hard rock. Warrant proves all doubters wrong through twelve strong songs, and delivers an album that can almost measure up against their two masterpieces. I rank this album just behind those hard rock milestones, and find it very refreshing to hear them kick ass once more.


1. Louder Harder Faster (2:56)
2. Devil Dancer (4:16)
3. Perfect (4:09)
4. Only Broken Hearts (4:52)
5. U in My Life (3:50)
6. Music Man (4:25)
7. Faded (3:40)
8. New Rebellion (3:40)
9. Big Sandy (2:35)
10. Choose Your Fate (3:53)
11. Let It Go (4:08)
12. I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink (Bonus track) (3:06)

Playing Time: 45:37

Robert Mason – Vocals

Joey Allen – Guitar

Erik Turner – Guitar

Jerry Dixon – Bass

Steven Sweet – Drums

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