ReIdolized (The Soundtrack to the Crimson Idol)

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2nd February 2018
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Napalm Records
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‘The Crimson Idol’ is arguably the best W.A.S.P. album ever released, one of the best heavy metal concept albums ever released and one of the best metal albums released in 1992, and the accolades it has received over the years are all so well deserved, because this album as well as ‘The Headless Children’ showed that there was so much more to Blackie Lawless than meets the eye.

Even though this album is celebrating its 25th anniversary the story of Jonathan is still very current; a young man dealing with the darker sides of fame and fortune, the loss of his older brother, still searching for the acceptance from his father and abuser in his childhood.

The music itself still represents some of the finest moments of an entire decade, and with the addition of six more songs – one instrumental (“Michael’s Song”), one spoken words (“Show Time”) and four proper songs (“Miss You”, “Hey Mama”, “The Lost Boy” and “The Peace”) that fit perfectly into the concept the experience broadens.

And with the visuals for the songs finally done – only for the original 10 songs – we finally get the complete package. The visuals are in black and white with a little red, or crimson if you like, for the sake of the effect. Not a movie to be remembered and the sound is only available in stereo, no 5.1 mix. But I think it’s fine finally to see the visualisation of Blackie Lawless’ story, even though it took 25 years.

A remake that makes sense, and an album that somehow just got a little bit better!


Disc 1
01. The Titanic Overture (3:31)
02. The Invisible Boy (4:18)
03. Arena of Pleasure (6:05)
04. Chainsaw Charlie (7:43)
05. The Gypsy Meets the Boy (4:14)
06. Michael's Song (1:51)
07. Miss You (8:06)
08. Doctor Rockter (4:01)

Disc 2
01. I Am One (6:27)
02. The Idol (6:43)
03. Hold On To My Heart (4:14)
04. Hey Mama (1:41)
05. The Lost Boy (4:36)
06. The Peace (5:59)
07. Show Time (1:11)
08. The Great Misconceptions of Me (9:58)

Playing Time: 39:53 + 40:53

Blackie Lawless - Guitars & vocals
Doug Blair - Guitars
Mike Duda - Bass

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