Viper Soup Complex

Red Fugue

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22nd October 2018
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Malta’s Viper Soup Complex have just released their debut, Red Fugue.  There are five rather long tracks, and one relatively short one. If you are a fan of the bulk of what you’ve no doubt heard along the lines of progressive metal from our Northern European exponents (Norway, Sweden,, then you will no doubt enjoy VSC.  Heavy keys and superior vocals complement plenty of outstanding guitar work.  On first listen, I am finding it exceedingly difficult to believe that this is their debut!

Turquoise on Mars is apparently the first ‘single’.  There is a petty cool video on YouTube.  Not sure if that would be the ideal choice for the first release, being almost 7 minutes in length.  But, then, Bohemian Rhapsody was 6!  One would think that Embers, at just over 3 minutes long, would be the obvious choice. However, that was in the old days of FM. Nowadays, with online streaming and internet radio, the old rules no longer matter.  I also found it interesting to note that the 12-minute leviathan Taxidermy Hotel, was the first piece of music finished.

Xenolithic Code I found interesting primarily for the bass guitar.  Choking Swans, the opener, was an excellent choice to start with, featuring heavy rocking keys and clean female vocals.  Vertebra, at just over 12 minutes, is the other main monster.  So, to reiterate – if you enjoy your metal progressive with outstanding clean female vocals and excellent musicianship, then VSC may be just what you need to chill by the fire with for the coming holidays! I know I’ve enjoyed it a few times now, which is rare because I rarely have time to listen to new stuff more than once!


1. Choking Swans
2. Xenolithic Code
3. Turquoise on Mars
4. Taxidermy Hotel
5. Embers
6. Vertebra

Playing Time: 51 minutes 57 seconds

Michael - BASS
Melchior - DRUMS

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