The Insanity Abstract

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29th September 2017
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Fast Ball Music
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Every now and then a colleague of mine asks me if I want to review some of the hardcopies he has received. Most of the times I really just like 1 out of 5 very much, but this time there are a few more I enjoy. I already reviewed Fateful Finality and this album from Vanish is the next. This The Insanity Abstract is the third full length release and one with music out of different genres. It is power metal with progressive influences, at times rather thrashy riffs, but also catchy, melodic choruses in hardrock style. You can say, a lot of good things from different worlds.

After an intro with a nice piano part, the first song starts in real power metal style. It is fast and has a nice melody. The first thing that strikes me is the powerful riffing, the keyboard line in the back and the very good singing of Bastian Rose. He does remind me a lot of Andy B. Franck from Brainstorm. The music in this song also reminds of Brainstorm, Symphorce, Kamelot and Evergrey. ‘Follow’ follows in the same style. ‘Make-Believe’ is a bit slower and softer track, has some nice progressive pieces and great vocals. I hear influences of  (old) Queensryche and Fates Warning pass by. The band found a balance between a more atmospheric kind of bombastic style and a heavier darker sounding one with low tuned , almost thrash sounding guitar riffs.

Also an even softer emotional style is there in for example ‘Lilith Cries’and ‘We Become What We Are’. Build on piano parts and excellent singing of Bastian, this last song is one of the best ballads I have been listening to lately. ‘Disbelief’ is again a lot heavier and faster, with some nice technical sounding riffs and parts making me think of Nevermore. The strength of the album is that there is a lot of variety, a singer that really shines out, great song writing and keyboard lines creating the perfect atmosphere.

I already mentioned  a couple of bands and if these names are music to your ears, I can advice you to check out this new album of Vanish. One of the best German power/prog metal releases this year!


01. The Insanity Abstract 2:00
02. The Pale King 3:50
03. Follow 3:35
04. Make-Believe (Slipstream Part 1) 5:17
05. Lilith Cries 6:37
06. Frame by Frame (Slipstream Part 2) 4:46
07. Unforgivable Blackness 5:16
08. We Become What We Are 6:00
09. Disbelief (Slipstream Part 3) 4:57
10. That Way Madness Lies 4:17
11. Somewhere Along the Line 4:06
12. When the Mind Bursts 10:07

Playing Time: 60:48

Bastian Rose - Vocals, Keys
Philipp Schönle - Guitar
Thomas Rösch - Guitar
Daniele Dei Giudici - Bass
Ralf Nopper - Drums

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