Until Rain

Season V

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31st May 2019
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Rock of Angels Records
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If you are a fan of big production prog – massive tides of guitars, majestic, grandiose piano runs, big heavy chops from the engine room, and skyward-bound vocals – then you will most likely adore Until Rain. These chaps have been in business since 2008, and they hail from Greece. They already have some recordings under their belt, from 2009’s Reign of Dreams debut, 2011’s Pandemic EP, 2013’s Anthem to Creation and 2015’s Injure. Their latest, Season V, is fantastic stuff. Prog heads far and wide are going to rejoice when they get their hands on this one.

Season V veers from gorgeous piano ballads, such as opener Inner Season and In Times of Despair, to super-heavy jams like Ascending and Time Escape.  There are moments of contemplative keyboard washes where we believe we are in Dreamland, then there are moments when they just rock your face off!

Running finds us delving off into a bit heavier territory, and Patti is a disturbingly deep, contemplative piece of heaviness with some very good vocal work.  Qualia features a toy piano intro and some serious bass. It kicks in at about the 220 mark, with a nice lead solo at 245. Things get disturbingly heavier towards the close.

Miracle is heavier again,  and Restart features another excellent solo at the 230 mark. Stay is a majestic piano jam with grandiose breaks. Another guitar solo at 315. Sort of a pattern developing there. The Long Break features some nice female vocal work.  A Land of Nothingness is a bit scary, and with Time Escape we end on a heavy note – again!  I must say I am a bit bigger fan of their heavier stuff, but the mellow piano dirges are okay – just a bit moody is all!  As mentioned above, if piano production prog is your thing, then you definitely need to check out Until Rain!


1. Inner Season
2. Running
3. Patti
4. In Times of Despair
5. Qualia
6. Miracle
7. Restart
8. Stay
9. The Long Break
10. Ascending
11. A Land of Nothingness
12. Time Escape

Playing Time: 48 minutes and 5 seconds

Cons Marg - Vocals
Theodore Amaxopoulos - Guitars
Lef Germenlis - Keyboards
Linus Abrahamson - Bass
Matthew Vella - Drums

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