Unruly Child

Unhinged: Live from Milan

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23rd February 2018
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Frontiers Records
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The Frontiers Rock Festival has quickly established itself as one the most important hard rock festivals in Europe, and the big getting together of label’s band has produced many fine and unique performances over the year. Last year it was time for Unruly Child to hit the stage and give the audience a once in a lifetime experience: playing their critical acclaimed debut album in it’s entirety (with the exception of “Criminal”).

Personally I think their debut album is one the best Hard Rock albums with a strong AOR vibe from the nineties, but their sophomore album ‘Waiting for the Sun’ does in my world top it and will always be the album I return to… but let’s return to this live album.

They have mixed the set-list nicely up without ruining the flow of the show, you get all the cool songs from the album, just in another order. The performance is solid and the songs do still hold water so many years later. Unruly Child proves that they are still current all these years later.

A fine live disc (and DVD) from a vastly underrated band – if you like their studio albums then I suggest you should check this release out as well.


01. Intro / Wind Me Up (6:51)
02. Lay Down Your Arms (4:58)
03. Rock Me Down Nasty (4:41)
04. Let's Talk About Love (5:55)
05. Is It Over (5:58)
06. On the Rise (4:54)
07. Tunnel of Love (5:26)
08. To Be Your Everything (7:01)
09. Long Hair Woman (6:01)
10. Forever (7:39)
11. When Love is Gone (5:24)
12. Who Cries Now (5:47)

Playing Time: 70:37

Marcie Free - Vocals
Bruce Gowdy - Guitars, keyboards & vocals
Larry Antonino - Bass & vocals
Jay Schellen - Drums
Guy Allison - Keyboards, percussion & vocals

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