The Road More or Less Traveled

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21st April 2017
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Frontiers Records
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I am sure many hard rock fans welcomed the return of one the best and most underrated Swedish hard rock bands of the 1980s when Treat came out of retirement in 2010. Their well received album Coup de Grace was an album that showcased their style and trademarks to perfection. They managed to top it last year with their latest album Ghost of Graceland. Their tour in 2016 brought them to Milano and the Frontiers Festival.

The Road More or Less Traveled is a fine live recording. The mixture between Treat’s past hit songs and more recent material works very well. We all have our favorites, and personally I think it’s cool that they play ‘Papertiger’ live.

This is without a doubt one of the best hard rock live recordings you’ll come across this year!

For fans of Treat, and hard rock in general, The Road More or Less Traveled is a mandatory purchase.


1. Ghost of Graceland (5:43)
2. Better the Devil You Know (4:50)
3. Nonstop Madness (3:40)
4. Ready for the Taking (5:36)
5. Papertiger (4:49)
6. Do Your Own Stunts (5:28)
7. Endangered (4:15)
8. Gimme One More Night (4:45)
9. We Own the Night (5:34)
10. Roar (4:57)
11. Get You on the Run (5:56)
12. Conspiracy (5:33)
13. Skies of Mongolia (4:14)
14. World of Promises (5:31)

Playing Time: 70:49

Robert Ernlund - Vocals

Anders Wikström - Guitars
Pontus Egberg - Bass

Jamie Borger - Drums
Jona Tee - Keyboards (Live)

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