Toledo Steel

No Quarter

Album Type:
Release Date:
1st June 2018
Record Label:
Dissonance Productions
Total Tracks:

In theory not a lot of words are necessary for this review: if bands such as Judas Priest, Satan, Accept, Saxon mean anything to you, then “No Quarter” is a no-brainer.

But I’ll go a bit further….well-written songs, great melodies, screaming guitar solos, fist-in-the-air riffs…these are some of the album’s ingredients that will delight the discerning Metal fan. Southern England’s Toledo Steel have been honing their craft since 2011 and “No Quarter” is only the band’s debut full-length.

From the riff-laden and anthemic ‘Visions In The Fire’ to the up-tempo ‘Sight Of The Sniper’ to the tongue-in-cheek ‘Heavy Metal Headache’, the album epitomises traditional, hard-hitting Heavy Metal. No more, no less.


1. Behold The Machine
2. No Quarter
3. Cemetery Lake
4. Visions In The Fire
5. Sight Of The Sniper
6. Rock Nights
7. Heavy Metal Headache
8. When The Night Draws In

Playing Time: 42:31

Matt Dobson - drums, backing vocals
David Lovell - bass
Tom Potter - guitars
Rich Rutter - vocals

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