The Sea Within

The Sea Within

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22nd June 2018
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Inside Out Music
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Today we look at Prog’s most recent supergroup, The Sea Within, and their self-titled eponymous debut. When it comes to supergroups, Prog is no stranger to danger. For many years we have been treated to the likes of Sons of Apollo, Flying Colours, etc., etc., almost ad nauseum.  Rest assured, dear readers, I would not waste your time if this aggregation was not worth listening to.  To begin with, let’s just say that the personnel involved on this most recent collaboration reads like a Who’s Who of the current prog world. On board are Marco Minneman (Aristocrats, Steven Wilson, UK, Joe Satriani), Jonas Reingold (Flower Kings, Karmakanic, The Tangent), Roine Stolt (Anderson/Stolt, Transatlantic, Flower Kings), Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation), Tom Brislin (Yes-symphonic, Renaissance, Camel, Spiraling, Meatloaf) and Casey McPherson (Alpha Rev, Flying Colors). Also on the sidelines are Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Rob Townsend and Jon Anderson.

Of course, all that star power wouldn’t mean anything if the tunes were lame. Ashes of Dawn, the opener, smacks slightly of Riverside. This is classic prog, with a wah solo about 3 minutes in, then a sax solo of all things! They Know My Name features wicked sky vocals and a piano intro that will boggle your brain.  The Void is slower and heavier, and even gets a bit dark at times. An Eye For an Eye For an Eye is a longer number, right at 7 minutes, and features busy drumming, piano and bass solos, and well you get the picture, right? Lots of soloing involved here!

Goodbye is a slower, mellower number. The wah pedal is used liberally. Some cool shredding, and a funky midsection also. Sea Without is an avant-garde sort of jam with waves FX. Broken Cord is very long – twice as long as the Eyes tune – 14 minutes! You might think it would get boring, but I didn’t. The Hiding of Truth is another mellower tune, but has some excellent vocals. This brings us to the end of Disc 1.

CD 2 starts us off with another longer number, The Roaring Silence. Lots of good bass on here, as on most of the tracks. Where Are You Going? is another vocal showcase, with some nice bass and piano. Time is another longer number with a neat mystical intro. Denise, the closer, is not your typical love song. There is a really ethereal section here that blew my mind, and that does not happen often, friends! However, let me caution the skeptical reader: if you are into prog metal, I’m sorry but you won’t really find it here. There are metallic moments, but this is more AOR prog, if you get my meaning.


1. Ashes of Dawn
2. They Know My Name
3. The Void
4. An Eye For an Eye For an Eye
5. Goodbye
6. Sea Without
7. Broken Cord
8. The Hiding of Truth
9. The Roaring Silence
10. Where Are You Going?
11. Time
12. Denise

Playing Time: 76 minutes 38 seconds

Marco Minneman
Jonas Reingold
Roine Stolt
Daniel Gildenlow
Tom Brislin
Casey McPherson
Jordan Rudess
Rob Townsend
Jon Anderson

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