The Ferrymen

The Ferrymen

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2nd June 2017
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Frontiers Records
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If the excellent album artwork doesn’t grab your attention, then I am sure the participants on this album will. Guitarist, songwriter, and producer Magnum Karlsson (Primal Fear, Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall), vocalist Ronnie Romero (Lords of Black, Rainbow) and drummer Mike Terrana (Artension, Rage, Yngwie Malmsteen ect.) have joined forces under the moniker The Ferrymen.

Expectations are bound to run high when three musicians this talented  join forces to create music for the masses. The trio has done everything in their power to fulfill those expectations. The artwork is, as mentioned, excellent, the production is crystal clear and well-balanced, and the songs are first class. You can’t put a finger on the delivery from the artists. Magnus Karlsson shows his technical skills on every level and is clearly inspired by Randy Rhoades on this album. Mike Terrana is an ultra-precise drum god, and Ronnie Romeo proves why he was handpicked by Ritchie Blackmore for his Rainbow reunion.

The twelve songs are at a very high level, but I do miss a stand out song(s), which is the reason this album doesn’t quite hit the bulls eye. It’s close, but only close. The Ferrymen is still a great melodic metal album, and one you can buy without hesitation!


1. End of the Road (4:31)
2. Ferryman (4:47)
3. Fool You All (3:42)
4. Still Standing Up (5:20)
5. Cry Wolf (4:56)
6. One Heart (6:10)
7. The Darkest Hour (4:29)
8. How the Story Ends (4:55)
9. Enter Your Dream (4:19)
10. Eyes on the Sky (5:13)
11. Eternal Night (4:52)
12. Welcome to My Show (4:15)

Playing Time: 57:33

Ronnie Romero – Vocals
Magnus Karlsson - Guitars, Bass & Keyboards
Mike Terrana – Drums

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