The Dark Element

The Dark Element

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10th November 2017
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Frontiers Records
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The Dark Element is the much anticipated and welcomed return of former Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon to her true environment: symphonic metal. Working together with former Sonata Arctica guitarist and the main man behind Cain’s Offering Jari Liimatainen has really paid off because this album really works for her and displays her strong set of pipes the best way possible.

Just a bit sad that the music doesn’t quite live up to her performance; too safe and the keyboard sound is too dominant and up-front to really rock my world. It’s always a fine balance and on some albums things simply tips over and becomes too much. The multiple layers of keyboard sounds are off course an important ingredient in symphonic metal and in some songs they’ve found the right balance, but the few missteps make the album a bit uneven and unbalanced, in my humble opinion off course – I know many who loves this album a lot more than me…

But let’s not take anything away from Anette Olzon because she does an excellent job on their self-titled debut album and the album has grown on me without truly convincing me at any point. It’s still a fine offering if you like bands like Nightwish, Edenbridge and Amaranthe.

Give it a few spins, it might be just the thing for you…

Best moments: ‘The Dark Element’, ‘My Sweet Mystery’, ‘The Ghost and the Reaper’ and ‘Someone You Used to Know’.


01. The Dark Element (4:26)
02. My Sweet Mystery (4:59)
03. Last Good Day (4:13)
04. Here's To You (4:15)
05. Someone You Used to Know (4:24)
06. Dead to Me (5:28)
07. Halo (4:25)
08. I Cannot Raise the Dead (4:25)
09. The Ghost and the Reaper (5:21)
10. Heaven of Your Heart (4:46)
11. Only One Who Knows Me (5:09)

Playing Time: 51:57

Anette Olzon - Vocals
Jari Liimatainen - Guitars, Keyboards
Jonas Kuhlberg - Bass
Jani Hurula - Drums

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