The Chapter

Angels And Demons

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30th October 2017
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“Angels And Demons” is a surprisingly strong debut from Portuguese band The Chapter. Musically the album has strong hints of Moonspell, especially with regards the deep-sounding lead vocals. Other elements recall early Dark Tranquillity, Opeth and even Pink Floyd. So the prevailing moods are dark and Gothic with subtle Progressive dynamics.

The album benefits from some great riffs enveloped in an aura of sinister apprehension. I’m not usually a fan of clean vocals used in conjunction with Death Metal vocals….for me that tends to be an indication of a singer’s inability to be expressive with either one or the other….but in my opinion The Chapter emerge unscathed from such an approach.

Being self-released, the album fell off our radar for a while but now that we’ve been able to formally introduce it, you should go get it without further ado:


1. Angels & Demons
2. Shattered Emotions
3. Aenima Vipera
4. For a Ghost
5. This Scar
6. To Live For
7. The Past Is Dead
8. The Librarian (Sorrow in Extinction)

Playing Time: 48:01

Pedro Antunes: drums
João Gomes: guitars
Pedro Almeida: guitars
Pedro Rodrigues: vocals

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