Hiding From Daylight

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26th May 2017
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Vicisolum Productions
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, ,

I have to be honest; I never listened to a song (as far as I can remember) from the band Thalamus before. Hiding From Daylight is their fourth album and they don’t play a style I would usually listen to. In fact, the music is a mix of several styles. Groovy heavy rock with slower doom parts, influenced by 70’s rock with a progressive touch. Especially the Hammond organ and keyboard parts see to it that there is a big 70’s feeling throughout the album.

Not being a real fan of this style makes it difficult for me  to review. Personally I like the song ‘The Painter’ because it has some fast parts and nice Hammond organ and keys. Less interesting, I find ‘Someday’, a slow epic, almost doom track, but I can imagine that this will be others favorite song! The vocals of Kjell Bergendahl are okay, but his singing sometimes sounds a bit whiny, which bothers me a bit.

Nevertheless, Hiding From Daylight that will be liked by a lot, especially when you like 70’s groovy rock with nice Hammond organs. If you are one of them, you can add at least one devil to the rating.


01. Time
02. The Painter
03. Don't Leave Me Behind
04. Someday
05. Hiding From Daylight
06. Absolution
07. Down In A Hole
08. Vertigo

Playing Time: 41:00

Kjel Bergendahl - Guitar, Vocals
Peter Johansson - Bass
Magnus Karlsson - Drums
Mats Gesar - Guitar
Joakhim Aslund - Hammond Organ and Keys

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