Are We Soldiers

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21st June 2019
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Mascot Label Group
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, ,

Blazing into our consciousness from down under come Australia’s Teramaze with a muscular, powerful new album, Are We Soldiers. These blokes have no less than a half dozen recordings under their belt already, and are confident in their metal skin.  From what I’ve been able to ascertain thus far, Melbourne‘s metal men are into the longer numbers, which is good for us prog metal heads. There are also a few more ‘normal’ length tunes on board as well, perhaps as a bid for FM airplay? Let us hope there are radio stations that still play music of this magnitude.

Fight or Flight is up first, and it is a slice of AOR metal, if you will, with some very pretty piano work.  The title track is up next, and it is a solid, chugging jam, again almost FM-friendly. There is an excellent guitar bit at about the four-minute mark.

Control Conquer Collide is an almost 8-minute beast. It is a very upbeat tune with keyboards playing a big role. From Saviour to Assassin features more of this distinct heaviness. Orwellian Times features solid HM riffs and good clean straight vocals, as do most of the tunes on board here. Some big keyboard things happening, and another wonderful guitar solo at about 4 1/2 minutes in.

Next up is Monsters, and it boasts a keyboard intro with some vocal FX. “I’ll never trust anybody again”, a voice tell us. Yikes!  This is another possibly FM-friendly number, and features a duel between keys and guitars.  Weight of Humanity includes a VERY busy drummer, and more heaviness. There are some very funky HM riffs going on here, and a beautiful piano interlude at about 3 1/2 minutes in.

Fact Resistant Human is not quite as heavy as the other tracks, but is still very good. It is mostly keyboard/drum heavy prog, if you will. The One Percent Disarm is a good heavy prog number, almost thrashy at times. It features big chugging HM riffs and clean vocals.

Our closer for today is the big one, Dispopulate. It is a 12-minute behemoth, and it is obvious from just one listen that these boys saved the best for last. This is a total JAM, folks. At about 8 1/2 minutes in we also get a wicked guitar solo. Excellent stuff, very solid material!

Bottom line is this; if you like your prog heavy, then check out Teramaze! Top marks!


1. Fight or Flight
2. Are We Soldiers
3. Control Conquer Collide
4. From Saviour to Assassin
5. Orwellian Times
6. Monsters
7. Weight of Humanity
8. Fact Resistant Human
9. The One Percent Disarm
10. Depopulate

Playing Time: 69 minutes and 32 seconds

Dean Wells-Guitars / vocals
Brett Rerekura- Vocals
Jonah Weingarten- keys
Andrew Cameron -Bass
Nick Ross- drums

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