Sunless Dawn


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16th November 2018
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Prime Collective
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I am a bit on the fence here with Sunless Dawn. Of course, Copenhagen, Denmark is probably responsible for just about as many progressive death metal acts as Sweden or Finland or any other Scandinavian outpost. I love the musicianship from these types of bands, I really do – I just can’t get past the Cookie Monster growlies. Again, I understand why some bands have singers like this. Some singers just can’t do clean vocals. Some can. Rant over.

There are punk screams on board here. There are spoken word FX, there are beautiful piano runs, crushing riffs and all sorts of musical mayhem. There are even some brilliant instrumental passages. The dramatic nature of most of the tracks would indicate to me that they definitely take themselves seriously, even though half of the critical press would probably be taking the piss.

For those of you who are not completely discouraged yet, let me tell you that you are in for some incredible jams here. With a bit of riffy intro here and there, and the incredible production work, there is plenty of good to be examined here. They were winners of The Danish Wacken Metal Battle, which definitely speaks volumes for them, even with this reviewer.

If I were to pick a favorite track, it would most likely be the opener, Apeiron. This is a no-holds-barred, pedal-to-the-metal brutal assault on the senses. But, then, to be fair, every track on Timeweaver could be said to be the same in attitude and musical breadth. Those of you who are into the breath-taking world of prog death metal should be very pleased, particularly if you are into the sonic journey of it all. Sunless Dawn will take you on a journey of ups and downs, highs and lows, with plenty of powerful, pounding riffs to guide you along the way.


1. Apeiron
2. Aether
3. The Arbiter
4. Biomorph I: Polarity Portrayed
5. Biomorph II : Collide Into Being
6. Biomorph III : Between Meadow and Mire
7. Grand Inquisitor
8. Erindringen's Evighed
9. Sovereign

Playing Time: 60 minutes and 6 seconds

Henrik Munch (vocals)
Christoffer Hildebrandt (guitars)
Michael Møller (guitars)
Eskil Rask (bass)
Thomas Mascagni (drums)

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