Summer Storm


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28th September 2018
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Vigier Records
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Looking far back at my ill-fated foray into guitar-playing I remember Vigier being a French manufacturer of stylish but expensive guitars. The brand has been around for quite a while, even though I rarely come across anyone using them. Well, Patrice Vigier, the man behind those guitars this month releases the debut full-length of his own band – the album is aptly called “First”.

The music’s roots seem to have strong hints of Classic Rock bands such as Deep Purple, AC/DC and ZZ Top. But the greatest thing about this album is that despite the traditional influences, the song-writing has a very original edge to it. A lot of the guitar solos of Patrice are backed up by mid-tempo, groovy beats…which works out quite well. As I see it, the attitude is not to cram in as many notes as possible but rather to wring what notes there are for every drop of power and emotion. Initially I had no idea what to expect but yes, I confess I really enjoyed the album.

Indicatively the band has been christened Summer Storm – in other words the band does not bear Pascal’s name or surname. This appropriately reflects the fact that the musical impetus is coming from all four quarters. Apart from Patrice, the band consists of current or ex-members of the Metal band Satan Jokers, often referred to as the French Judas Priest. On bass is Pascal Mulot, who has previously played with the like of Steve Vai, Steve Lukather and Bunny Brunel. Pascal’s bass is very upfront in this album and kicks off a song on more than one occasion.

Renaud Hantson is an excellent singer, even though sometimes his French accent is clearly discernable (apart from a few verses, all lyrics are in English….something not so common with French bands). Aurelien Ouzoulias, the band’s drummer, has previously played with Prog band Imperial Gates….amongst other bands. He is versatile and his drumming tends to have a great feel.

I also liked the sound of this album – it’s not abrasive and suits these compositions well. Case in point is the instrumental ‘Extroduction’ which starts off in a sombre mood reminiscent of Judas Priest’s ‘Beyond The Realms Of Death’ but soon bursts into a faster tempo replete with memorable guitar melodies.

Despite my seal of approval, I won’t be surprised if some Rock/Metal fans will react negatively to “First”. But that’s ok because the songs we have here are something of an acquired taste. For sure there’s no over-the-top technical prowess….just well-played Rock music.

And check out the video of ‘Whoever You Are’ which is being released today!


1. Introduction (instrumental)
2. Summer Storm
3. Little By Little
4. Whoever You Are
5. Natural Born Lover
6. Free Days
7. G. V.
8. Life Is Too Short
9. Extroduction (instrumental)
10. Free Days (instrumental)

Playing Time: 44:53

Aurelien Ouzoulias - drums
Pascal Mulot - bass
Patrice Vigier - guitar
Renaud Hantson – vocals

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