Force of Life

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1st March 2019
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Mighty Music
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, ,

Danish Hard rock/Heavy Metal band STATEMENT released their album Force of Life March 1st.

When the first song, “The Hero Inside”, started to play, I felt like I was back in the 80s, with a very melodic kind of  happy “Hey hey” song.

I felt like I have heard this song 100 times before, and I was hoping this was not going to be the sound of the entire album.

The second and third song on the album also are very much associated with the 80s hard rock sound. There is not much innovation here. It feels like I know many of the melodies and songs already, and also some of the lyrics are very predictable because of the rhymes.

There are some elements to the sound of this album that are a bit rougher and tougher than other typical hard rock songs, though.

Especially track number four, “I wonder why “, has a rougher and tougher feel to it towards the end, and also track five, “The Hurt”, as an interesting beginning and end to the song, which makes it stand out a bit more from the other songs on the album.

The guitar solos are shining throughout the entire album.

For those who love the shredding guitars from the 80s will love this album and the guitars.

The vocals are not synchronizing with the music, unfortunately. When the music goes a rougher and harder, the vocals are still a bit too nice. There is some power lacking from the vocalist on many of the songs.

There is one cover song on the album. Statement’s version of “California Dreaming” is not bad at all. It is difficult to make such a classic cover without destroying it, but they don’t. This s a song that also makes the singer come alive.

Also, the last track on the album which is a ballad, makes the singer show what he’s got. It seems like the singer is better at singing slower tunes than sounding raw.

For those of you who like Fate, Pretty Maids and other 80s hard rock bands should check this album out.



The Hero Inside
Darkness In Your Eyes
Higher Ground
I Wonder Why
The Hurt
Force Of Life
California Dreaming
Rock Your Heart Out
Feeling Scared
In This Moment

Playing Time: 44 minutes

Lead vocal - Jannick Brochdorf
Lead guitar/vocal - Niels Alex Larsen
Guitars/vocal - Lars Ulrik Le Fevre
Bass - Martin Poulsen
Drums - Daniel Nielsen

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