Behind Closed Doors

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Release Date:
23rd February 2018
Record Label:
Pride & Joy Music
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, ,

Thrash Metal with Power Metal thrown in, or Power Metal with Thrash Metal thrown in? This is hard to say, because both genres are present in Squealer’s latest album ‘Behind Closed Doors’. The Thrash Metal elements provide the more moody, darker and disturbing parts while the Power Metal segments throw clear vocals into the mix. Does the blend work? That is obviously a matter of taste. Take the intro ‘ Madnecessity’ and the first song ‘Behind Closed Doors’, for instance. Dark elements, disturbing elements, music that would fit perfectly to a thriller, if not even a horror movie and then parts that are so dominated by Power Metal that you cannot help but imagine the singer gloriously standing with blowing hair in the wind while he is delivering his lines. And this happens time and time again throughout the entire album. In fact you get these changes in style even in individual songs. First you get a brutal Thrash Metal assault like in ‘Foolish Man’s Invasion’, then Power Metal, after that Thrash Metal again, and so on. So no, it is not as if you could throw the Thrash Metal songs into one playlist and the Power Metal songs into another one. Many fans likely appreciate these breaches of style, while others might find it hard to enjoy the album for the very same reason. And yet, is it really a bad thing for an album to be more difficult to digest than what you would expect? Also, it is not as if it was boring. Quite the contrary in fact. But what does this mean in terms of devils? I decided to go with 7 devils here, but fans who feel equally at home in both Thrash Metal and Power Metal can safely add another devil.


1. Madnecessity
2. Behind Closed Doors
3. Time Goes By
4. Dream Shot
5. Foolish Man’s Invasion
6. Into The Past
7. Brainwash
8. Fate
9. Modern World Maniacs
10. Worlds Collide
11. M:O:T:M

Playing Time: 51:04

Vocals: Sebastian Werner
Guitar: Lars Döring
Guitar: Michael Schiel
Bass: Manuel Roth

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