Spock's Beard

Noise Floor

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25th May 2018
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Inside Out Music
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What a pleasure it is to hear a congregation of world-class players!  If you are a fan of progressive hard rock and/or metal, then doubtless you know of the prowess of The Beard.  Spock’s have come an awful long way in their day.  They have been on festival stages around the world, dealt with personnel changes and come out on top, kicking some serious prog ass!  Those of you who have been a fan of the fold for a bit will know that these fellows have been able to jam for quite some time.

Their latest magnum opus, Noise Floor, is available in several formats, including a super-rare (90) 2XLP/2XCD package amongst them.  For the faithful, the boys have included a 4-song EP titled “Cutting Room Floor“.  I listened to everything in order, as per usual, but I found it highly unusual to include obviously finished tracks on an EP with a title like that.

We should start from the beginning, however.  The lead-off track for the day is titled To Breathe Another Day, and of course there is a video for everyone to peruse.  There are guitar bits and keyboard stuff that is not to be missed on board here.  It is about a five-and-a-half minute jam, however, so as a single I’m not sure what kind of success is ultimately possible, unless of course they were being played on a prog rock station!

Next up is What Becomes of Me.  As with most of the tracks, this one is loaded with sky-high vocals and some serious bass playing!  The drummer, as always, is seriously busy as well.  Somebody’s Home Features brilliant acoustic playing.  Have We All Gone Crazy Yet? has some incredibly cool jamming and nice long solos.  So This is Life slows things down a bit, and features some pretty cool mellow bits.  One So Wise is a big keyboard vehicle.  There is a big jam at about the four-and-a-half minute mark.  Box of Spiders is a sweet instrumental track.  The closer, Beginnings, is another long jam with big keys and sort of written in the old storyteller mode. In summation, if you are a fan of world-class progressive rock, then this is your next purchase!


1). To Breathe Another Day
2). What Becomes of Me?
3). Somebody's Home
4). Have We All Gone Crazy Yet?
5). So This is Life
6). One So Wise
7). Box of Spiders
8). Beginnings
Cutting Room Floor EP:
1). Day's We'll Remember
2). Bulletproof
4). Armageddon Nervous

Playing Time: 68 minutes 57 seconds

Alan Morse - lead guitar, vocals
Dave Meros - bass guitar, vocals
Ryo Okumoto - keyboards
Ted Leonard - drums, vocals

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