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24th May 2019
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Inside Out Music
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, , , ,

Vocalist extraordinaire Jeff Scott Soto, whose CV includes Sons of Apollo, W.E.T., Trans-Siberian Orchestra and a brief stint with California cheese rockers Journey, is here with the third release from this latest outlet for his recorded output. Simply entitled SOTO, this is a band away from the others, Jeff insists. Origami follows 2014’s Inside the Vertigo and 2016’s DIVAK.  There is an incessant energy on these tracks, from beginning to end.

Starting with a bang, HyperMania leads the charge screaming and stomping all the way. Ditto the title track.  BeLie, while slightly less heavy, still could be heavy AOR easy, which is kind of what is happening here. Though there are times, particularly those mentioned above, where the boys lean more towards the heavy.  There are a couple of tracks that lean towards the ballad-esque; those are Torn and Give In to Me. Again, both have their heavy side. As a man once told me, you can have no light without the dark.

So when one listens to SOTO’s latest, what should they expect? Plenty of heavy rock, for one – those who are hungry for hair metal should go straight to Detonate and Dance With the Devil, the latter of which is supercharged with heavy hairiness!  After Glow, Vanity Lane and World Gone Colder also have their charms. You should also expect moments of cheesy heavy metal balladry, though not many, thankfully! For the most part, these tracks as a whole will make you want to stand up proudly and stomp your feet whilst banging your head and drinking your drinks! If that sounds like something that you are into, then this is definitely your bag. If you are in it for the proggier side of things, then you may be somewhat disappointed.  Choose wisely though, brothers and sisters. SOTO will rock your face off if you let them!


1. HyperMania
2. Origami
3. BeLie
4. World Gone Colder
5. Detonate
6. Torn
7. Dance With the Devil
8. AfterGlow
9. Vanity Lane
10. Give In To Me

Playing Time: 44 minutes and 21 seconds

Jeff Scott Soto - (vox),
Jorge Salan - (lead guitar),
BJ - (keys, guitars),
Tony Dickinson - (bass),
Edu Cominato - (drums)
*David Z* - Honorary Member - In Memorian

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