Shiraz Lane

Carnival Days

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23rd February 2018
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Frontiers Records
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My biggest issues with Shiraz Lane‘s debut album were the mediocre production, the lead vocals and the overall song writing – but things have thankfully improved on all fronts on their new sophomore album entitled: “Carnival Days”.

Their sleazy take on hard rock has a clear American touch and they clearly wear their influences on their sleeves; Guns ‘n’ Roses, Skid Row, Aerosmith and even some The Darkness comes to mind again on this album, but they have thankfully expanded their sound and are introducing new and more surprising sounds like horns on this album. And it surely is a move in the right direction, because they do still have some way to go before they can challenge for a position in the upper echelon of European Hard Rock.

Everything is done better and more professional than on “For Crying Out Loud“, but nothing really stands out and no song makes me wanna go back and play it over and over again… a nice solid collection of hard rock songs is still on offer, and they are clearly on the right track!

Rock solid!



01. Carnival Days (3:38)
02. The Crown (3:50)
03. Harder to Breathe (3:37)
04. Tidal Wave (3:43)
05. Gotta Be Real (3:47)
06. People Like Us (3:37)
07. Shangri-La (5:16)
08. War of Mine (4:32)
09. Shot of Life (5:22)
10. Hope (5:10)
11. Reincarnation (7:57)

Playing Time: 50:35

Hannes Kett - Vocals
Jani Laine - Guitars
Miki Kalske - Guitars
Joel Alex - Bass
Ana Willman - Drums

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