Seven Kingdoms


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5th May 2017
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Napalm Records
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There are a lot of bands with the number seven in their name. In my collection there are quite a few. So when I saw the name Seven Kingdoms, I had to think twice if there was an album from them. I found out that I own their debut, called Brothers of the Night. It didn’t ring any bells with me, so I took a short listen. I heard a mix of power, thrash, and even death metal with harsh and clean vocals from a below average singer. Since then the band has released three albums and an EP. The first big lineup change was after their first album, when Sabrina Valentine (Cruz) joined the band. By adding a female vocalist the music changed, and now they play a combination of U.S. and European power metal.

‘Stargazer’ opens fast, and I immediately hear that Mrs. Cruz is a good singer. She’s a mix of Sabina Edelsbacher (Edenbridge) and Amy Lee (Evanscence). Aaron Sluss adds some nice bass parts and the guitar duo of Camden Cruz and Kevin Byrd finishes it off with some tight riffs and excellent solos. At times the riffs are quite thrashy, creating a musical style mix of Helloween, Cellador, Edenbridge, and Iced Earth. There are no ballads, just speed, power, and headbanging stuff. Variety and melody are two other aspects I have to add. The song writing is okay, and there is not a track to fill up the album. ‘The Tales of Deathface Ginny’ is flourished by nice choir singing parts, which forms a fine contrast with the heavy riffs.

At the end of the over 50 minutes music, I can conclude that I like the album. Speed, melody, heavy riffs, good female singing, nice solos, and nicely written songs are everything good music needs. Take a listen to this fourth birth of Seven Kingdoms if bands like Helloween, Edenbridge, Iced Earth, or Cellador are favorites in your collection.


01. Stargazer
02. Undying
03. In the Walls
04. The Tales Of Deathface Ginny
05. Castles In the Snow
06. Kingslayer
07. The Faceless Hero
08. Neverending
09. Hollow
10. Awakened From Nothing

Playing Time: 51:00

Sabrina Cruz - Vocals
Camden Cruz - Guitars
Kevin Byrd - Guitars
Aaron Sluss - Bass
Keith Byrd – Drums

Reinier de Vries
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