Savage Machine

Abandon Earth

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Release Date:
19th January 2018
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Rock 'n' Growl Records
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If you are an old school classic (NWOBHM) melodic heavy metal fan and fancy some power metal as well, this first full length album of Danish Savage Machine will be your first hammer in 2018. The band changed their name from Momentum into Savage Machine some time ago. In 2012 they already released an EP as Momentum called A World In Ruins. As Savage Machine another EP called Through The Iron Forrest saw the light in 2014. The music on this debut album sounds very mature and well produced/mixed (Tommy Hansen).

Opener ‘Exodus’ immediately catches my attention, especially because of the emotional bit theatrical singing part at the start. A nice riff, lots of melody, strong singing and a steady bass carry this song. The music reminds me of a mix of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and some power metal influences. These influences return in several other songs later on. Next up is ‘Age Of Machines’, an uptempo track with influences of Judas Priest, the singing style of mr. Rasmussen is at times a bit similar to Halford. His voice has a kind of raw edge, sounds emotional and at times rather theatrical. ‘The Hunter’ starts a bit like Helloween in their ‘Keeper’ period and Gamma Ray influences in the singing style aren’t far away either.

The songs on Abandon Earth have a real high standard, you hear some great song writing skills,  only killers no fillers. ‘Time Traveller starts as a ballad and then turns into a real epic track, building up in speed and getting heavier minute after minute ending in galloping style. Guitar tandem Jacob and Simon do magic, playing strong solos/leads song after song. ‘Behind the Veil’ is an emotional ballad with Troels vocals in the leading role, the raw edge reminds me of the band Lefay (who still knows them?).

Uptempo classic heavy metal song ‘Fourth Dimension’ follows, again mixing Maiden, Helloween and Priest.  After an intro ‘Fall Of Icarus’ appears to be an emotional track with strong riffs and emotional vocals. The band Nevermore enters my mind because of the singing. ‘Event Horizon’ has been out as a single for some time and is the shortest and fastest track. Below you can listen and look at this track. With ‘Savage’ the emotional atmosphere of Nevermore returns at the start after which some real power metal riffs take over and make it a perfect music mix of Helloween, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden again. Final song ‘Welcome To Hell’ is the perfect end of a perfect album. Underlining that real melodic heavy (power) metal has still a future.

This must be good enough to gain a lot of new fans and also trigger some German festivals!


01. Exodus
02. Age Of Machines
03. The Hunter
04. Time Traveler
05. Behind the Veil
06. Fourth Dimension
07. Fall Of Icarus
08. Event Horizon
09. Savior
10. Welcome To Hell

Playing Time:

Troels Rasmussen: Vocals
Jacob V. D. Bruun: Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Simon Kalmar Poulsen: Rhythm Guitars
Martin Helbo: Drums
Benjamin Andreassen: Bass

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