Black At Heart

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26th May 2017
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Three years have passed since Sarea, the modern melodic metal band from Norrköping, Sweden, released their album This Is Not Goodbye. Supporting the band since my review of the very same album, I was now given the opportunity to review their new album Black at Heart after a long pause from Power of Metal.

My expectations were high, but Sarea fulfilled them with ease. The album is filled with melodies that get stuck in your head. Already the first song is a good example for that. ‘Lights,’ which is the first single as well, starts slowly with a nice electronic melody which builds up and explodes to become a fist-in-the-face killer song and a perfect start to the album.

Followed by some other in-your-face-songs, we then come to one of my favorites from the album, ‘Let Us Fall’. It clearly shows the strengths of the band: a catching melody, beautiful lyrics emotionally sung (especially because it’s a balladic song and I love those), and just amazing from the beginning until the end.

After these four minutes of peacefulness, songs like ‘The Dormant National’ and ‘Dead Eyes’ (containing a beautiful piano melody) strike back in the album’s second half as some the heaviest songs. With ‘Circles,’ the album ends strongly and leaves the audience (in this case me, myself, and I) wanting more.

As I said before, Sarea have really improved since This Is Not Goodbye. Chris Forsberg’s vocals (more specifically his screams) got stronger, the melodies are on point, and the instruments are more geared to each other. In addition, I like every single song of the album, and that’s a thing I don’t say that often.

It’s always nice to see young bands grow and get better with each album. Some bands start well with their first record(s), but then they try too much to find “their” sound, and sometimes even leave the paths of metal in the process (*cough* Amaranthe *cough*) Sarea however just focus on their style and keep perfecting and evolving. That is the reason for me to give “only” nine devils, because I already saw their progress and I am sure they can still be better on their next album.

To conclude, Black at Heart is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year. Therefore, if you like music à la Killswitch Engage, Trivium, and In Flames be sure to check out Sarea!


01. Lights
02. Black at Heart
03. Perception
04. The Others
05. Let Us Fall
06. Duality
07. The Dormant National
08. Monotone
09. Control
10. Dead Eyes
11. All for None
12. Circles

Playing Time: 00:54:06

Chris Forsberg – Vocals
Calle Larsson – Drums
Johan Axelsson – Guitar
Alex Dzaic – Guitar
Johan Larsson – Bass
Martin Persson – Keyboard

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