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23rd February 2018
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Dissonance Productions
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For those new to the band, Salem were formed around 1980 from the ashes of Ethel The Frog but “Attrition” is only the band’s 3rd full-length release. The music is a melodic Rock accentuated by heavy riffs and incisive guitars. Links with the band’s musical past might not be so obvious but they’re there and with that Salem include a flourish of other ideas.

2 or 3 songs into “Attrition”, I’m not yet convinced this is a release that stands up to what it represents. ‘I’m The One’, a power-ballad, came along as a surprise…an oddity even. After a while, however, I began to warm to the album. ‘Lest We Forget’, is not the album’s fastest number but it has some great lead vocals and some intriguing guitar melodies. ‘My Only Son’ – which reminds me of Magnum – also has some top notch guitar work.

So although initially I had mixed feelings about “Attrition” the album seemed to grow on me more with each spin. I don’t feel it rises to the heights of “Dark Days” – its predecessor – but it’s a rewarding listening experience.

As a footnote, shortly after the recording of “Attrition”, vocalist Simon Saxby and bassist Adrian Jenkinson both left Salem. Replacements for Saxby and Jenkinson have already been drafted but in order to avoid any possible legal wrangling the moniker has been changed to From Salem. Myself, I’ll probably still keep calling the band Salem.


1. Attrition
2. Black and White
3. I'm the One
4. Lest We Forget
5. My Only Son
6. Sights of Wonder
7. Stay With Me
8. Taking Control
9. Warning Signs
10. We Are Gods
11. Isolation

Playing Time: 50:28

Paul Macnamara - guitars
Mark Allison - guitars
Paul Mendham - drums
Adrian Jenkinson – bass
Simon Saxby - vocals

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