Royal Mob


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25th May 2018
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Prime Collective
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This album is probably perfect for certain markets: the teenybopper AOR scene (Maroon 5, The Darkness, etc.), pop rock, NOT heavy metal. The harmonies and the melodies are like slick polished steel. I don’t recall hearing a single lead guitar solo, though there were some interesting rhythms and riffs going on. The bass guitar was heard to do a bit of plucking as well. The interesting thing about these fellows is that their music touches our heartstrings ever-so-lightly. Just when you think you’re certain this is pop pap, all of a sudden they hit you with a lyric from the title track: “She’s a cinematic girl/ The drama in her eyes can kill you with a look”. Deep stuff.

The four guys in Royal Mob hail from Copenhagen, and Cinematic is filled with sharp pop hooks on three-minute FM-friendly gems. The longest track, What Do You Want From Me?, sort of a bluesier pop number, clocks in at 4:20. All of the others are right around the three-minute mark. What does that tell me? It tells me that these boys are shooting for the stars. If you want to make a mark on the pop world, you have to concoct something that will make people remember you. Enter the video for I Wanna Lie With You. This is a memorable video if ever there was one.

Of the other tracks, there are a few standouts. I was definitely digging the rhythm guitar work on Fire, even though it was basically just a boy band with a bit of a rock edge. The lyrics are deplorable, however (“You are my fire/ My sweet desire”). Didn’t that go out in the 80’s? The closer, Become, features some very nice rhythm work on the drums. Save You does have some good heavy riffing, but for the most part is still just basic pop. If you’re after hard rock with Royal Mob, then look elsewhere, reader. Please, don’t do this to yourself. It’s good, not just not my cuppa…


1. I Wanna Lie With You
2. Need
3. Snake
4. Fire
5. Save You
6. Cinematic
7. Euphoria
8. Like This
9. What Do You Want From Me?
10. Become

Playing Time: 34 minutes 34 seconds

Gustav Bildsøe Lassen: Vocals.
Morten Bernstorf Hansen: Guitar.
Andreas Bütow Pröll: Drums.
Guillaume Blanjean: Bass.

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