Ross The Boss

By Blood Sworn

Album Type:
Release Date:
20th April 2018
Record Label:
AFM Records
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Yes sure, the album has been out for quite a while, but just in case that you are wondering about giving yourself a treat for Christmas  we decided to write our own very own review as well. So, how should an old school Metalfan feel about the album? Is it an ode to a better time when Ross’ first band Manowar was still free from any scandal? Is it reminiscent of a time when it was still okay for a band to bath in baby oil and pose in fur thongs while holding a plastic sword high up in the air? Is it something that will inspire your warrior’s spirit to walk the path of the warrior straight to Odin’s hall? Maybe.

Yes, maybe. In fact it all depends on your personal musical horizon. If it is entirely focused on Power Metal then you will likely find the album at least a bit disappointing, but if you appreciate at least some Sleaze Metal then you are definitely like to enjoy it, because this album is certainly an interesting mix of both genres. Some songs like the introductory “By Blood Sworn” are very Power Metal style, for instance. Think of a mid paced Manowar song to get an idea. Not very innovative, but still with a nice vibe. However, Ross The Boss’ can still do faster Power Metal as shown with “This Is Vengeance”. Glorious lyrics of battle and revenge, guitar solos, screams, clear vocals, i.e. pretty straightforward ‘go for the kill’ style Power Metal! And yet, that is about it for the true Power Metal fan. Yes sure, there is still a Power Metal ballad going by the title “Faith of the Fallen” which is not bad, but 3 songs are a bit disappointing, particularly when they are not the best of the best the genre can offer.

And yet, the album is still not bad because of the aforementioned Sleaze Metal on the album. Quite to the contrary! Think 1980s Skid Row with Joey DeMaio behind the bass and Scott Columbus behind the drums doing their best to truly support Skid Row as good as they possibly can! Take “Among the Bones”, for instance. Pure Sleaze Metal! And the same can be said for pretty much all other not already mentioned songs. Sleaze Metal! The riffs, the solos, the vibe, everything is there. But then, the underdog mentality that is so inherent in Sleaze Metal is probably a close relative of Power Metal’s warrior spirit anyway. So, to switch from Power Metal to Sleaze Metal does likely not take much effort and Ross The Boss might very well be advised to explore this path even further. 7 devils!



1. By Blood Sworn
2. Among The Bones
3. This Is Vengeance
4. We Are The Night
5. Faith Of The Fallen
6. Devil's Day
7. Lilith
8. Play Among The Gods
9. Circle Of Damnation
10. Fistful Of Hate

Playing Time: 46:29

Vocals: Marc Lopez
Guitars: Ross Friedman
Bass: Mike LePond
Drums: Lance Barnewold

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