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7th July 2017
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Frontiers Records
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I think we all know the feeling when you find something you thought you’d lost, or when you hook with a friend you haven’t seen in ages… the feeling I get when I put on the new Riverdogs album, California, is very similar. Their self-titled debut album from 1990 was rightfully hyped when it was released, mostly because Vivian Campbell of Dio fame was a big part, but also because Riverdogs sounded like no other band back then.

Their sound is strongly founded in classic rock and hard rock, with a solid portion of blues rock integrated in their sound. The soulful voice of Rob Lamothe and the brilliance of Vivian Campbell are the key ingredients in their style, and this album sounds as fresh and unique as their debut album.

California might not quite reach the same high level as their debut album, but it’s damn close and it surely gets my stamp of approval!

You probably won’t come across a more unique and fresh sounding hard rock album this year – ’nuff said!

Welcome back!


01. American Dream (4:24)
02. The Revolution Starts Tonight (4:52)
03. Something Inside (4:39)
04. Golden Glow (3:53)
05. You're Too Rock and Roll (4:55)
06. The Heart Is a Mindless Bird (4:26)
07. Searching for a Signal (2:58)
08. Welcome to the New Disaster (4:03)
09. Ten Thousand Reasons (4:23)
10. Catalina (4:31)
11. I Don't Know Anything (4:31)

Playing Time: 47:52

Rob Lamothe - Vocals, guitar
Vivian Campbell - Guitars, vocals
Nick Brophy - Bass, keys, vocals
Marc Danzeisen - Drums, vocals

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