Memories in Rock II

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6th April 2018
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Minstrel Hall Music
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Ritchie Blackmore is without a doubt one of the most influential musicians in all of heavy metal! His contribution to the sound and shape of things these days is unparalleled and even though he hasn’t been the most creative or productive for years, it’s still a pleasure when he decides to go on tour playing a wide selection of classic rock songs, first and foremost song from his Rainbow era.

This 2-CD + DVD package was recorded in 2017, and features the current line-up of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow and they really kicks ass on stage and the selection of songs leaves no desires open for the fans. You get it all, even the long solo interludes, which you either love or hate – there’s really no middle ground here.

Ronnie Romero is a very strong vocalist, and a good choice… no he’s no RJ Dio, but no one is expecting that and he really sounds great on this live album. And ohhh yeah – they have recorded a new song that captures the essence and spirit of Rainbow very well.

Some might think – well another Rainbow live release and yes there’s has been many lately, but this is in my humble opinion one of the best of them all.

I for one enjoyed this a lot, and this is a live album I will return to many times with joy!


Disc 1
01. Over the Rainbow (0:34)
02. Spotlight Kid (5:02)
03. I Surrender (4:52)
04. Mistreated (10:44)
05. Since You've Been Gone (2:55)
06. Man on the Silver Mountain / Woman from Tokyo (6:45)
07. 16th Century Greensleeves (6:52)
08. Soldier of Fortune (3:50)
09. Perfect Strangers (5:04)
10. Difficult to Cure (15:47)
11. All Night Long (4:45)
12. Child in Time (10:20)

Disc 2
01. Stargazer (8:52)
02. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll / Lazy (10:02)
03. Catch the Rainbow (8:44)
04. Black Night (10:02)
05. Carry on Jon (6:21)
06. Temple of the King (3:52)
07. Smoke on the Water (5:19)
08. Waiting for a Sign (New song) (4:59)

Playing Time: 77:35 + 58:16

Ronnie Romero - Vocals
Ritchie Blackmore - Guitars
Bob Nouveau - Bass
David Keith - Drums
Jens Johanssen - Keyboards

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