A Tragedy in Steel, Pt. II: Shakespeare's King Lear

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26th January 2018
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Massacre Records
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I have the utmost respect for metal bands that wants to tell a story with substance. Rebellion has in the past told their version of the history of the Vikings over the course of three albums, as well as the history of the Saxons on their latest album, ‘Wyrd bið ful aræd – The History of the Saxons’, and now they return with another take on William Shakespeare, something they’ve done before on their debut album, ‘Shakespeare’s Macbeth – A Tragedy in Steel’.

This album deals as the title gives away with Shakespeare’s tragedy about King Lear and musically they serve more of the same; true metal like we know from them, Grave Digger and Running Wild. But here lies the downfall of this album, combined with a mediocre production; this is simply too safe and to clichéd to get my blood pumping.

I really liked their previous albums and had hoped this album would be on the same level or higher in terms of quality, but no! And Michael Seifert might not be the most gifted vocalist, but I have always felt he was a good fit for Rebellion, but on ‘A Tragedy in Steel, Pt. II: Shakespeare’s King Lear’ he’s really average, again it might be due to the production (or my MP3 version)?

So after numerous spins I must sadly report that this is merely an average album from Rebellion, and one that will never make a push for the Top 3 Rebellion albums of all time!

Next please!


01. A Fool's Tale (5:07)
02. Dowerless Daughter (4:08)
03. Thankless Child (6:50)
04. Stand up for Bastards (4:03)
05. Storm and Tempest (4:29)
06. Demons of Madness (5:01)
07. The Mad Shall Lead the Blind (6:23)
08. Black Is the World (5:53)
09. Battle Song (4:53)
10. Blood Against Blood (4:18)
11. Truth Shall Prevail (5:55)
12. Farewell (8:38)

Playing Time: 65:45

Michael Seifert - Vocals
Oliver Geibig - Guitars
Stephan Karut - Guitars
Tomi Göttlich - Bass
Tommy Telkemeier - Drums

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