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1st December 2017
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Frontiers Records
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It is very easy to try too hard and fail when it comes to AOR; the line between cheesy and well done is razorsharp. And newcomers Raintimes do thankfully walk on the right side of the line, and delivers a fine debut album with many fine melodic rock songs that should appeal to AOR fans all over the World.

If The Storm crosses your mind a few times when you listen to this album it’s no coincident, because one of the driving forces in the band Pierpaolo Monti wanted to create an album that paid tribute to his love and admiration to The Storm. Together with Davide Barbieri he created a force to be reckoned with when you talk about modern AOR bands.

The decision to hire Michael Shotton (Von Groove) was in retrospective a very wise and intelligent choice because his presence helps elevate this album above many up and coming new AOR bands.

The self-titled debut album is amongst the best AOR albums I’ve come across the past five years – but remember it’s AOR and might be too polished, chlichéd and cheesy for your taste, so so give it a listen before you throw your hard earned money at it…


01. Forever Gone (5:46)
02. Make My Day (4:30)
03. Don't Ever Give Up (3:44)
04. Swan (6:06)
05. I Need Tonight (4:25)
06. Raintimes (1:57)
07. Just a Little Bit More (5:05)
08. Empty Days (5:56)
09. Together as Friends (4:37)
10. Missing Piece (4:20)
11. I See the Light (5:20)

Playing Time: 51:49

Michael Shotton – Vocals
Iván González – Guitars
Sven Larsson – Guitars
Andrea Gipponi – Bass
Pierpaolo Monti – Drums
Davide Barbieri – Keyboards

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