Radiation Romeos

Radiation Romeos

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2nd June 2017
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Frontiers Records
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Parramore McCarty anyone? Back in 1985 he was the guy who sang on one of the cornerstones in US Metal, Fighting for the Earth by Warrior. Later on, he appeared on Steve Steven’s Atomic Playboys album. The inspiration for the band name Radiation Romeos comes from the Steve Steven’s Atomic Playboys song.

Looking at the front cover might lead to the assumption that he’s back doing US Metal, but I must inform any hopeful that Radiation Romeos is a somewhat different ballgame. It’s actually a fine combination of US Hard Rock and AOR.

Working with one of Frontiers Records most used songwriters and producers, Michael Voss, on this self-titled debut album has really paid off. They thankfully do not fall into the trap many AOR bands do these days, so no, at no point do they become cheesy and predictable. Even though not all songs are of the highest caliber, the highlights surely make up for the few weaker songs.

First class AOR is hard to come by these days, and even though this isn’t a strict AOR album, there’s still plenty for AOR aficionados to enjoy on Radiation Romeos.

Good one!

Best moments: ‘Ocean Drive’, ‘Like an Arrow’, ‘Promised Land’, and ‘Monstertraxx’.


01. Radiation Romeos (4:23)
02. Ocean Drive (4:47)
03. Bad Bad Company (4:22)
04. Mystic Mountain (3:59)
05. Like an Arrow (5:00)
06. Promised Land (6:03)
07. Castaway (4:04)
08. Ghost Town (4:58)
09. Til the End of Time (3:56)
10. On the Tight Rope (4:30)
11. Monstertraxx (4:29)

Playing Time: 50:48

Parramore McCarty - Vocals
Doc Heyne - Guitars
Jogi Spittka - Bass
Gereon Homann - Drums

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