Zero Days

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28th July 2017
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There are not a lot of bands with an unique sound in the thrash scene. Prong however is a band you recognize immediately. Their typical combination of thrash, hardcore and a squeeze of industrial is unmatched. Zero Days is the 12th studio album from bandleader Tommy Victor.

The first song ‘However it May End’ is a typical thrash/hardcore song with aggressive vocals from Tommy, varied with clean parts. The title track is one of my favorites, a song with more thrash influences and a very strong riff. It is one of the faster songs. The next one I need to mention is ‘Divide and Conquer’, as the refrain is very (almost radio friendly) catchy. The aggressive and brutal thrashcore track ‘Forced Into Tolerance’ is up next, followed by the riff monster ‘Interbeing’.

Before you know it, the album is half way through, and without a moment of boredom. The second part is almost as strong as the first. ‘Blood Out of Stone’ is in my opinion the weakest one, but they make this up with the next songs easily. ‘Self Righteous Indignation’ is a stranger in between all the others. It is slow with doom and sludge influenced riffs. I don’t know if the ‘hardcore’ Prong fan can appreciate this. The next track is very catchy, and fans of Cleansing and/or Rude Awakening will be pleased by it.

All in all, I have to conclude that Prong succeeded in creating a perfect follow up of X (No Absolutes). Zero Days is catchy, heavy, and with Tommy singing better than ever.


01. However It May End 3:36
02. Zero Days 3:35
03. Off the Grid 3:18
04. Divide and Conquer 3:16
05. Forced Into Tolerance 3:16
06. Interbeing 3:50
07. Blood Out of Stone 4:12
08. Operation of the Moral Law 3:30
09. The Whispers 3:19
10. Self Righteous Indignation 4:13
11. Rulers of the Collective 3:01
12. Compulsive Future Projection 3:10
13. Wasting of the Dawn 4:39

Playing Time: 46:00

Tommy Victor - guitar, vocals
Mike Longworth - bass
Art Cruz - drums

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