The Mirror's Eye

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15th March 2018
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Painted Bass Records
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, ,

The first album of the Dutch band Powerized, the band with vocalist Nick Holleman. He is known of his other band Methusalem, but the lot will know him from Vicious Rumors. He already quit there, but  just a few days ago the news came that he joined the band Sinbreed.

The music on this album is progressive metal with orchestration, piano interludes and some fine power metal riffs. With his high voice Nick sounds a bit like a combination of Geoff Tate and James Labrie. The music has Symphony X influences, but sounds a bit less dark at times. Due to the orchestration and melody a lot of songs also remind me of Avantasia. Listen for example to ‘King Alas!’, Nick sings a little less high there and then he sounds like Tobias Sammet. This song is one of my favorite tracks, with nice orchestration and excellent guitar solos. Although there are more progressive parts in the music, Edguy and even Helloween (with Kiske) enter my mind during several tracks. The only thing that does keep this The Mirror’s Eye from getting a higher grade is that due to the length of the album I can’t keep focused all the time. Also Nick isn’t yet on the same song writing level as for example Tobias Sammet.

For a debut however this is an awesome album and I challenge all Avantasia, Edguy fans and others that are into melodic, symphonic, a bit progressive power metal to try this out. I am sure you won’t have any regrets. Nice debut!


01. The Mirror
02. Where Worlds Meet The Eye
03. For The Fallen,
04. King Alas!
05. Satans Bat
06. Forever Roaming
07. Ire Of The Monster
08. Behind The Gates
09. God Of This World
10. Edified Ascending

Playing Time: 70:59

Nick Holleman - vocals, piano
Joris van Rooij - rhytmn guitar
Bart "Gijs"Geisen - lead guitar
Bart van Unen - bass guitar
Sean Brandenburg - drums

Reinier de Vries
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