Burn the World

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25th August 2017
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Metal Blade Records
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No idea if the band name has something to do with the King Diamond album Fatal Portrait, but a big part of the music certainly has big influences from King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. The line up of Portrait has changed again, as during the recordings Kevin Bower of Hell helped out with the keys, and Set Teitan (Dissection, Watain) played guitar on a couple of songs. Meanwhile, there are again five members, so they are ready for some live shows.

Most of our readers know of Portrait, and I can say their style hasn’t changed. They play classic heavy metal influenced by Judas Priest and the two bands I have already mentioned. Many tempo changes, howling solos, the extreme high singing of Per Lengstedt, and some rather complex riffing are the ingredients for Burn the World. After the intro, it is nothing but enjoyment from the first track to the last. Per’s vocals have many similarities to King Diamond, as well as the atmosphere of the songs. Besides up tempo bangers like ‘Flaming Blood’ and ‘Mine to Reap’, there are some more modest parts as well. One of my personal favorites is ‘Martyrs’, an epic song with many tempo changes and variety, typical Mercyful Fate… eh sorry, I mean Portrait.

If you are not familiar with Portrait, yet and like old school King Diamond, Mercyful  Fate, Hell, or a band like RAM, you should check out Burn the World.



01. Saturn Return (Intro)
02. Burn the World
03. Likfassna
04. Flaming Blood
05. Mine to Reap
06. Martyrs
07. Further She Rode
08. The Sower's Cross (bonus track)
09. To Die For
10. Pure of Heart

Playing Time: 46:00 (excl. bonus)

Per Lengstedt - vocals
Christian Lindell -guitars
Robin Holmberg - guitars
Fredrik Petersson - bass
Anders Persson - drums

Reinier de Vries
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