Port Noir

The New Routine

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10th May 2019
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Inside Out Music
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Soldertalje, Sweden’s Port Noir have been knocking around for a few years already. After a few recordings over at Century Media Records, the trio have relocated Inside Out! I to will confess to some surprise when I first heard them – normally when it comes from Inside Out it is prog this, prog that – progressive metal and progressive rock bands proliferate in Sweden like veritable rabbits! They are literally everywhere! However, when first listening to Port Noir, one immediately recognizes the solid fact that prog is not on their agenda. If we must resort to pigeonholing acts, then there is a genre here – there are several, actually. The main ones I’ve detected so far are punk rock, alternative rock and hard rock!

Most of Routine is in your face, full of slamming drums and guitars, angry vocals that sound at once as if they could seer inside your soul after rocking your face off.  Opener Old-Fashioned is a good example of this, as is the track Down For Delight.   Lots of power chords on board here, particularly on Blow, Flawless, Champagne and Drive. All of these are heavier, rockier numbers. Lots of f-bombs on here as well, so if you have sensitive ears then don’t listen when the singer yells obscenities! Fuck It Up is hollered on Low Lights!

Out of Line, the closer for the day, is also a fairly heavy rocker. Any of the tracks on board here are FM friendly, length-wise, but of course, as we all know, that is not how records get on the radio. Hooks, clean vocals and lyrics, in-your-face BASS, and lots of heavy guitar and drums — right? Well, if that’s the case, then Port Noir should be all about the airwaves. We shall see…Define Us and Youngbloods are also very worthy of your listening.  There is a Rage Against the Machine vibe here for you enthusiasts, most definitely on the track 13.


1. Old Fashioned
2. Flawless
3. Blow
4. Champagne
5. Low Lights
6. 13
7. Young Bloods
8. Define Us
9. Drive
10. Down For Delight
11. Out of Line

Playing Time: 45 minutes and 13 seconds

AW Wiberg-drums
Love Andersson-bass/vocals
Andreas Hollstrand-guitar/keys/backing vocals

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