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10th August 2018
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Prime Collective
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, , , ,

Now this is what I’m talking about!  Classic prog rock from some folks who obviously know what they are up to! Clean vocals for the most part, though they do a bit of a growl here and there towards the end. Melody and crescendo are obviously important aspects of what Piqaia do, as we can hear in all of the tracks on board today. All of the instruments play their role, and everyone is bright and shiny and jamming their heads off as they do it.  I caught myself headbanging a couple of times.

There is some serious playing going here, particularly in the opening track, Raindrops. In my notes I wrote down JAM a few times, which to me indicates that they are in sync and are rocking out!  Solos abound, and we can hear that throughout. Landscapes is up next, and it is another big jam. The drums say hello right out of the starting gate, bashing your brain into a sweet oblivion. There are some quiet passages, but for the most part it is a good prog jam.

Next up is Echo, and this is where the vocal growling comes in. It is not overdone, which I like. In my humble opinion, clean vocals are just better. This track is bright again, very well produced – almost too slick in spots, but still well done. An excellent guitar jam at the close.

Parable is up next, and features one of those creepy, eerie intros that I am always on about. There are desert sands FX, and strumming acoustic guitars. Beautiful playing, and somewhat dreamlike. Towards the close we hear monk -like vocal chanting.

The title track is our closer for the day. Chiming guitar harmonics begin the track, but soon give way to some really heavy guitar chops. This is almost sinister but in an ethereal way. Haunting piano and vocals seem to square up this tune. There are more chops before it’s all over, but no real metal here. This is more like prog rock. I would even venture to say that it’s prog hard rock!


1. Raindrops
2. Landscapes
3. Echo
4. Parable
5. Artifact

Playing Time: 36 minutes 59 seconds

Andreas Hauschild - guitars
Charlie Klausen - vocals
Emil Efferbach - drums
Morlen Alsing Pedersen - guitars
Thomas Isbrandt - bass

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