Pink Cream 69


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10th November 2017
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Frontiers Records
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Pink Cream 69 has for the past 30 years been among the frontrunners of a small but strong German Hard Rock fraction, delivering one strong album after another using a formula that works every time! Nothing more than the basics are necessary to create and perform first class hard rock: a very tight rhythm section: check, a more than capable pair of guitarists, who knows their trade: check, a well respected songwriter and producer: check and a one of the best German vocalists: check.

The pillars of PC69 have always been the vastly underrated guitarist Alfred Koffler and bass player/songwriter/producer Dennis Ward, the only two remaining founding members. I reckon that things might be a little bit easier when you have one of the most respected songwriters and producers in your ranks. Dennis Ward has on numerous occasions proved his skills and when it comes to his own band then he’s off course going all in…

But they still sound like they’ve done for ages, and they do not move outside the safe confines they’ve established so long ago. But that’s the beauty of the band; you get exactly what you expect and they deliver on a very high level each and every time.

Headstrong is up to par with everything they’ve done in the past and delivers precisely what fans of theirs want!

The best of the best made in Germany is back with another very solid album – do check it out.

The album is released with a nice bonus disc: a live album (Recorded in 2013 in Ludwigsburg, Germany).


01. We Bow To None
02. Walls Come Down
03. Unite and Divide
04. No More Fear
05. Man of Sorrow
06. Path of Destiny
07. Vagrant of the Night
08. Bloodsucker
09. Whistleblower
10. The Other Man

Playing Time: 44:54

David Readman - Vocals
Alfred Koffler - Guitar
Uwe Reitenauer - Guitar
Dennis Ward - Bass, keyboards
Chris Schmidt - Drums

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