Paradise Lost


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1st September 2017
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Nuclear Blast
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, ,

After Paradise Lost’s fifth album, Draconian Times, my interest in the band faded. Their music got less extreme album after album, and One Second for me was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was with In Requiem (2007) that I got interested in them again. Since then, the music is again more brutal, heavier, and with more growling parts album after album.

On Medusa they continue to move through the musical line of The Plague Within, and some songs even remind me of their Gothic period. This is their most dark and brutal album in a long time. The music most of the time is very slow, and Nick Holmes combines his growling style with his cleaner parts in a very natural way. After the first two doomy tracks, my personal favorite, ‘From the Gallows’, follows. It is a song with a bit more tempo, and could have been on the Gothic album. After that Paradise Lost returns with one of the slowest and darkest tracks, followed by the title track, with excellent guitar parts and some fine keyboards. The darkness and sadness carries on with ‘No Passage For the Dead’. With these slow and dark tracks the band creates almost the same atmosphere as with their debut album. Just before the music puts me in a desperate and depressive mood, the music speeds up again with the mid-tempo track ‘Blood and Chaos’, a song with a contagious groove. Medusa ends how it started, with a perfect mix of death, doom, and melancholy melodies.

With Medusa, Paradise Lost has created their heaviest album in a long time, and I think fans of their early years will surely appreciate this.


'Npo01. Fearless Sky 8:30
02. Gods Of Ancient 5:50
03. From The Gallows 3:41
04. The Longest Winter 4:31
05. Medusa 6:20
06. No Passage For The Dead 4:16
07. Blood and Chaos 3:51
08. Until The Grave 5:41

Playing Time: 42:00

Nick Holmes (vocals)
Greg Mackintosh (lead guitars)
Aaron Aedy (rhythm guitars)
Steve Edmondson (bass)
Waltteri Väyrynen (drums)

Reinier de Vries
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