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Memoriam – Requiem for Mankind

Death Metal is NOT DEAD! Ready to make your ears bleed with the kind of “metal ear candy” that commands your senses scream in loathing love of death and malice?  Monster riffs, unrelenting grooviness and [Read »]

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Death SS – Rock ‘N Roll Armageddon

In many ways “Rock ‘N Roll Armageddon’ is an archetypal Death SS album, with its horror-themed songs and imagery and driven by an unassailable passion. I mean when you consider that this band has existed [Read »]

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TheNightTimeProject – Pale Season

If you go into this next listen with an open mind, then that is probably best. TheNightTimeProject is a prog metal collective of sorts, but their music is a bit frightening. Those who are feint [Read »]

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Jolly – Family

Jolly is a progressive-alternative rock band from New York City. Their first full length Forty-Six Minutes was released in 2009. After that they released  the two part album The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 1) in 2011 [Read »]

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Nad Sylvan – The Regal Bastard

Those who know of Steve Hackett‘s solo work will know of Mssr. Sylvan. This particular release is part 3 of the Vampirate Trilogy, beginning with 2015’s Courting the Widow.  This is Nad’s third LP for [Read »]

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J.B.O. – Wer lässt die Sau raus?!

There are comedians, there is Metal and there are bands that combine the best of both worlds. J.B.O is certainly one of these bands that play in the spirit of Metal and comedy at the [Read »]

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Statement – Force of Life

Danish Hard rock/Heavy Metal band STATEMENT released their album Force of Life March 1st. When the first song, “The Hero Inside”, started to play, I felt like I was back in the 80s, with a [Read »]

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Majestica – Above the Sky

Tommy Johansson  from Sabaton is the most known member of the band. ReinXeed and Golden Resurrection are two other bands he played in. The music of Majestica has quite some similarities to what he did [Read »]

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Death Angel – Humanicide

Three years after The Evil Divide it is time for the new album Humanicide. Which is an excellent title if you ask me, combining human and suicide to express that we the people are destroying the world [Read »]

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Until Rain – Season V

If you are a fan of big production prog – massive tides of guitars, majestic, grandiose piano runs, big heavy chops from the engine room, and skyward-bound vocals – then you will most likely adore [Read »]