Live in Overhausen

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18th May 2018
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Nuclear Blast
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There are gigs you’d like to go to and miss out on, and then there are gigs that you’d really, really like to go to and miss out on. OVERKILL’s celebration of two milestone releases, their debut Feel the Fire and 1991’s Horrorscope, is one of the latter gigs I was just talking about.

I remember writing one of the good people of Nuclear Blast in February of 2016 if there were any press seats left for the event, which was to take place mid-April. He was extremely apologetic when he told me that, unsurprisingly, really, that there were no seats left AT ALL for press, and all tickets were sold out. Could I have driven almost seven hours south to Oberhausen in Germany to see if there were any chance tickets left over from someone? Yeah, I suppose, but I’m not that gung-ho after all.

So, I stayed at home and sent many thoughts to those lucky thrash fans who were there to witness Overkill rip through two of their classic albums.

And by the sound of it, it was a night to remember.

Those of you who have seen Overkill live know that New Jersey’s finest probably never failed to deliver on a stage anywhere in the world. These guys will die on stage at some point, methinks. Bobby Blitz almost did, didn’t he? When he suffered a stroke in 2002, in the middle of the song Necroshine on a stage in Germany. A trooper, he is. It’s not as if the Overkill songs aren’t demanding material, either. It’s not like Ozzy Osbourne stuff, and Blitz was 56 when this was recorded!

Nevertheless, the Horrorscope album is delivered perfectly, and for me, this is just a reminder how amazing this album is, and how much it meant to me when it came out. From the thrash anthem opener, ‘Coma’, to the atmospheric and intense ‘Soulitude’, Horroscope contained everything a thrash album needed in terms of variation and power. That, and the very distinct sound of Overkill.

The foundations for that sound were laid with Feel the Fire, of course. More rudimentary and more punk, the greatness to come was charted out by D.D. Verni, Blitz, drummer Rat Skates and guitarist Bobby Gustafson in 1987. Especially the Overkill theme song (which was to be a continued on the next couple of albums) was an imminent piece of metal that plunged right into the imagination of many a young thrash fan back in the day – including that of yours truly. What Overkill show here is that the fire certainly hasn’t been extinguished.

Live in Overhausen (note the cunning play on words) is a powerful testament to a band who have not only been an important influencer of the thrash metal genre, it’s also a testament to a live band who slaved away on the road for decades and earned the hearts of thousands of metal fans – and rightfully so. We hope that they have many more years in them – and there is a good chance that they do – because as Blitz exclaims at some point during the concert: “I feel like I’m 50 years old again!”


1. Coma
2. Infectious
3. Blood Money
4. Thanx For Nothin'
5. Bare Bones
6. Horrorscope
7. New Machine
8. Frankenstein
9. Live Young Die Free
10. Nice Day - for a Funeral
11. Soulitude
12. Raise The Dead
13. Rotten To The Core
14. There's No Tomorrow
15. Second Son
16. Hammerhead
17. Feel The Fire
18. Blood and Iron
19. Kill at Command
20. Overkill
21. Fuck You

Playing Time: 111 minutes

Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth - vocals
D.D. Verni - bass
Dave Linsk - guitar
Derek Tailer - guitar
Ron Lipnicki - drums

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