Unparalleled Universe

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30th June 2017
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Nuclear Blast
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Origin was incidentally introduced to me just a couple of months ago when one of their songs was put on the speakers. I was immediately struck by it – my mouth and eyes agape with astonishment. When the song ended, I asked a few questions about the band and got some unexpected answers, “Oh, they’ve been around for quite some time.” For someone who dabbles in technical death metal (Spawn of Possession, Cryptopsy, Hour of Penance, Necrophagist, Nile, Psycroptic etc.) I’m surprised at not having crossed them before and it made me wonder why they haven’t made their way into my playlist. I then decided that I would listen to more of their songs in the future, and try to familiarize myself with their music.

June arrives and a fresh list of bands are posted for all of us here at Power Of Metal to see. Lo and behold, Origin is sitting there in a queue, waiting for me to take notice. Its position was close to the bottom of the list that it was very near deletion, never to be listened and reviewed by any us (we receive a lot of albums, you see). Luckily, I had spotted it before it could be permanently discarded from the list. And so my review of Origin‘s “Unparalleled Universe” begins…

I am glad I got the chance to listen to “Unparalleled Universe”. It’s been an interesting way to get to know a little bit of the band. I must say, the album is rather different from the impression I received when I heard the one song, it’s not the sound I was expecting. It is not entirely bad, but I’ve found this album not to be for my liking. I’m now realizing that I must’ve listened to a song different from their current era of sound. I later found that the song was off of their 2008 album, “Antithesis.

In conclusion, Origin‘s new sound doesn’t really appeal to me. There is no ambivalence in its technicality, for sure, but it is lacking some elements that truly demonstrate its innovation – leaving “Unparalleled Universe” a bit bland with, in my opinion, no memorable experimentation. Typical blast beats galore with sustained aggressiveness and intensity that becomes superfluously ambiguous and arbitrary the longer you listen to them. There is no doubt that others will enjoy “Unparalleled Universe”, but it doesn’t do much for me. It seems I may have better luck finding tunes I could enjoy from Origin’s older releases, or simply from “Antithesis. That’s something I would be willing to look into.


01. Infinitesimal to the Infinite
02. Accident and Error
03. Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns
04. Mithridatic
05. Truthslayer
06. Invariance Under Transformation
07. Dajjal
08. A Burden of Prescience
09. Unequivocal
10. Revolucion (Brujeria cover)

Playing Time: 40:54

Paul Ryan -Guitars, Vocals
John Longstreth -Drums
Mike Flores - Bass, Vocals
Jason Keyser - Vocals

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