Garden of the Titans (Live at Red Rocks Amphitheater)

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2nd November 2018
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Nuclear Blast
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There is absolutely no question about it; Stockholm’s Opeth are currently one of the biggest acts in the world, especially when it comes to progressive metal. One listen to this latest live extravaganza would definitely clue in most folks, whether they be newbs or seasoned fans of the band.  There are some definite monsters on this one, whether they be short or prodigiously long. Of course there are the ubiquitous Cookie Monster-style growlies, but don’t let him fool you with that nonsense. Mikael can croon softly with the best of them.

The main reason that I was attracted to this release, of course, was because of the band, first and foremost.  However, having become a recent convert of the band (I have Sorceress and the Ghost Reveries LP’s on vinyl, and several of their CD’s), I can also tell you that this particular locale is perfect.  Acoustics and friends partying is great and all, if you can avoid expensive drinks and other concessions.  The venue in question, Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater, is literally a ‘go-to’ for any music fan, period. It doesn’t matter if you are into metal or country western or classical – Red Rocks is the place to be, especially if you happen to be recording.

The music, of course, is the most important part.  Can the band jam? Well, of course they can! This is Opeth we are talking about.  They were not only jam-worthy, but metal- worthy and prog-worthy and all other sorts of worthy. There will be times when you may tire of the banter between songs, but that is pretty much requisite nowadays.  After all, we can’t all be poets.  We can, however, be entertainers, which is clearly the point, or the message. Whether you are banging your cones to the relentless raging of opener Ghosts of Perdition, or the brief but brutal onslaught of In My Time, from the Damnation LP – it doesn’t matter.  All of the tracks are good – there are no throwaways, no duds, no filler — all killer! Enjoy!


1. Ghost of Perdition
2. Demon of the Fall
3. The Wilde Flowers
4. In My Time
5. The Devil's Orchard
6. Cusp of Eternity
7. Sorceress
8. Heir Apparent
9. Era
10. Deliverance

Playing Time: 87 minutes and 58 seconds

Mikael Åkerfeldt (Vox, guitars)
Martin Mendez (bass)
Martin Axenrot (drums)
Fredrik Åkesson (guitars)
Joakim Svalberg (keys)

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