One Desire

One Desire

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24th March 2017
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Frontiers Records
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One Desire has some connections to Sturm und Drang. While the former is your basic power metal band with a few hard rock influences, it’s the other way around on One Desire’s self-titled debut album.

The strongest connection is of course the fact that André Linman sings in both bands, and his style fits this kind of rock very well. It comes as no big surprise that their style is Scandi Hard Rock, and the band that comes up the most when I listen to this album is H.E.A.T.

This is a classic example of a solid hard rock album made in Scandinavia where all the pieces are in place: the songs are solid, the production is good, and the musicians are all very skillful. However, they never manage to step out of the shadows of big bands in the genre.

This is a solid debut album, and I am sure many fans of the style will find this album very enjoyable. Nevertheless, it simply lacks the extra spice that makes it more than solid! The quartet of songs mentioned below are all worth mentioning, and if you like Scandi Hard Rock, then I suggest you give this one a chance.

Best moments: ‘Hurt,’ ‘Straight through the Heart,’ ‘Buried Alive,’ and ‘This Is Where the Heart Break Begins.’


1. Hurt (5:07)
2. Apologize (3:19)
3. Love Injection (4:04)
4. Turn Back Time (4:29)
5. Falling Apart (4:27)
6. Straight Through the Heart (5:38)
7. Whenever I’m Dreaming (3:44)
8. Do You Believe (4:26)
9. Buried Alive (3:55)
10. This Is Where the Heart Break Begins (4:35)

Playing Time: 43:29

Jimmy Westerlund – guitars
André Linman – lead vocals
Ossi Sivula – drums
Jonas Kuhlberg – bass guitar

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