No Return

The Curse Within

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17th November 2017
Record Label:
Mighty Music
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In contradiction with their name the band returns with a new album on a regular base. I had to look it up, but this is already the 10th album of this French death/thrash combo. I must admit I don’t know all of their albums, but enough to conclude that the band doesn’t change their style a lot. Also on The Curse Within this is the case. Melodic death metal with some thrash riffs is what they serve. You can place their style in a bit thrashier Dark Tranquillity corner if you want a comparison.

All good ingredients for some fine music. Nevertheless I don’t get completely enthusiastic about it. Most of the tracks are in the same high tempo and the variety between them is not enough for me. On top of that the songs are a bit too brave, colouring always between the lines, never I hear something that makes me sit up straight. I have heard it all before from other bands, but also from No Return on other albums. Does that make this a bad album then? No, certainly not. There is enough to enjoy and some songs are well written with nice choruses and guitar leads. What doesn’t help either is that the two openers are immediately the strongest tracks in my opinion. After that it is more a repetition of steps already heard and done in the first songs.

I know I sound a bit negative, but that is just because I had hoped for a bit more, because I admire their persistence in recording albums and still being around without getting the deserved appreciation. With this 10th release I have my doubts if they will succeed in that this time.


01. Despise Your Heroes
02. Just Passing Through
03. Memories Turns to Ashes
04. The Crimson Rider
05. Inhale
06. The Will to Stand Up
07. Serpent's Curse
08. Stare at My Reflection
09. My Last Words
10 To the Dark Side of the Sun

Playing Time: 48:21

Alain Clément – Lead Guitars
David Barbosa – Bass
Joël Barbosa – Drums
Geoffroy Lebon – Guitars
Mick Caesare – Vocals

Reinier de Vries
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