No Hot Ashes

No Hot Ashes

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Release Date:
23rd March 2018
Record Label:
Frontiers Records
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I really shouldn’t say this, but I am slightly disappointed.  I thought No Hot Ashes would be the biggest thing since sliced bread.  Most of the tracks herein are very good, but they can also be very boring.  If you are a fan of AOR rock, mixed slightly with some paltry heaviness, then perhaps you would be very pleasantly surprised with these blokes.  I, however, was not.  Normally, I love this kind of stuff.  Be forewarned – it is NOT metal.  Not really.  There are some heavy moments.

The opener/single, Come Alive, is a great place to start.  There are good leads, fist-pumping stuff.  Plenty of big riffs, clean vocals and keyboards to enhance the glitz.  Good To Look Back features AOR harmonies, just perfect for FM radio.  Satisfied  boasts a big drum intro, and plenty of plain Jane riffs. It’s good but derivative – we’ve all heard this sort of stuff before.

Boulders is a sappy ballad.  Plenty of sugar and syrup here for the young ones.  I’m Back is a bit rockier, with a spiffy guitar intro and plenty of power metal screaming.  The production values are very good, but it is almost overproduced – too slick in some spots.  Glow is a bit more rough, with a sense of urgency.  Good stuff, and pretty rocking but kind of tame.  Over Again has some bright leads in the beginning and good guitar overall.  Jonny Redhead has some very cool choppy riffs.

Souls is another pretty ballad.  Running Red Lights is the closer, and it is another semi-tame rocker.  If AOR hard-edged stuff is your bag, then this is your album for the summer.  The only problem with this kind of stuff is it’s more for younger kids and little girls especially.  The music is typical, the harmonies are filled with sunshine, and everything is as it should be.


1. Come Alive
2. Good To Look Back
3. Satisfied
4. Boulders
5. I'm Back
6. Glow
7. Over Again
8. Jonny Redhead
9. Souls
10. Running Red Lights

Playing Time: 39 minutes 31 seconds

Dale Irvine - guitar
Nial Diver - guitar
Paul Boyd - bass
Steve Strange - drums
Tommy Dickson - keyboards
Eamon Nancarrow - vocals

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